Available Kuvasz


Kuvasz Rescue is an effort by some lovers of the breed to take care of the Kuvasz that fall on hard times. Kuvasz Rescue is financed by donations. While not many Kuvasz find themselves in trouble, there are still enough to warrant our efforts.

A Kuvasz can find it's way to rescue in various ways. The most common path is the family who decides that they can no longer keep the dog. This can be due to a change in the family situation such as a divorce or a new child. With a loving owner and some obedience training, these dogs become excellent pets.

Occasionally a Kuvasz will be found at a shelter or pound. While typically nothing is known of the background of these dogs, temperament evaluations and obesrvations by the foster owner can tell us a lot about their temperment.

We will use this page to list some of the dogs that are available. These dogs and more are are available to select homes.



Happy, is seven years old. He was an outside farm boy. He is a very sweet boy. His is being neutered on May 26th, up to date on all shots and in desperate need of a person to love him. Obedience training a must for him.. he likes to pull on leash. NJ Contact Kuvasz Rescue.


Kyra is six years old. She is more protective at home. Her vet and her groomer report that she is sweet when not working. Placement is time critical. NJ Contact Kuvasz Rescue.

No Name

Female 2 - 3 years old, taken from a shelter by a good samaritan. Needs a tough hand, training and commitment. Not fond of men. PA Contact Kuvasz Rescue.


15 month old male to be neutered before placement, Like most young Kuvasz needs a firm owner. He loves women and is dominant with other dogs. Most Kuvasz are better every day after their second birthday. NJ
Contact Kuvasz Rescue.

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